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Ferno Powerflexx Powered Cot

The Powerflexx allows an operator to raise or lower a patient with only the touch of a button. Derived from the 35-A and 35-P Proflexx, the Powerflexx uses an X-frame design for raising and lowering the patient. It provides a smooth lift of the patient using two cylinders to evenly lift the cot. The weight of the patient is taken off of the attendant and put onto the cot mechanism. The Powerflexx has infinite height adjustment within its operating range. It also has the highest load height of any cot on the market, thereby allowing easier loading into vehicles with higher floor heights.

The cot weighs 132 lb., and has a loading position weight limit of 700 lb. Weight limit in the lowest position is 1000 lb.

Powder-coated frame available in rescue red or electric blue.

The Integrated Charging System (ICS) charges the battery without need to remove or exchange battery packs. The ICS system automatically charges the battery whenever the cot is engaged in the fastener.

For additional information, or to purchase, please call our Customer Service Specialists at 1-800-526-1196.

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