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Ferno Proflexx 35-X Ambulance Cot

The Ferno Proflexx 35-X is an X-Frame cot that has been carefully engineered to provide the stability you need when transferring and transporting patients. A longer, solid front leg in the X frame provides minimal flex and a low center of gravity at all heights. This means you may be less likely to flip or tip a cot during transfers and transport, reducing situations that may cause injury to you or your patient. The Proflexx 35-X can carry 700 lbs. in the transport position and up to 1100 lbs in the lowest position, and includes a load frame with five positions in the head-end, lower and upper position control handles, and no pinch points.

Proflexx 35-X features include a 5-position load frame for greater cot maneuverability, rolling and swivel locks on two wheels, pull-out side handles that provide additional grip points for assistance with heavy patients. It has 7 height positions for easy patient transfer, and features a powder coated frame available in electric blue or rescue red color options. For additional product specifications, please call us at 1-800-526-1196.

For additional information, or to purchase, please call our Customer Service Specialists at 1-800-526-1196.

Click here to see an online demo of the PROFlexx cot.
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